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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Reset

The following was posted at Occupy Hades on RebelMouse.com this morning:

"The great man accords in his character with heaven and earth; in his light, with the sun and moon; in his consistency, with the four seasons; in the good and evil fortune that he creates, with gods and spirits. When he acts in advance of heaven, heaven does not contradict him. When he follows heaven, he adapts himself to the time of heaven. If heaven itself does not resist him, how much less do men, gods, and spirits!" - The I Ching: Ch'ien / The Creative

Finding one's place in the Blogosphere is a daunting task because there are many quality platforms on which to blog. With that thought in mind, Occupy Hades takes it's place in the Blogosphere with a new blog here at RebelMouse.com.

Occupy Hades consists of three spheres of influence: RebelMouse hosts the flagship site where the bulk of the blogs get posted first, then are mirrored elsewhere. Secondly, there is Occupy Hades at Scoop.it which is the primary curation site and the third section is the original Occupy Hades site, hosted by Blogger.com.

The previous post entitled On The Cusp was the first attempt at expanding Occupy Hades to this platform. Occupy Hades: Hello World! makes the expansion official and I am exceedingly pleased with the results thus far. Most importantly, I can envision plenty of opportunities to explore the scope of RebelMouse's impressive capabilities in the future.

Now if only the folks at RebelMouse could proofread for me, life would be so much easier. Then again, what is life without the mundane but important challenges that test the limits of one's powers?
Test the scope of your powers within your spheres of influence.

Until next time, respect 2 the real.

The Destroyer