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Monday, December 25, 2017

Getting In Sync

Hi. I'm glad you came by. At this writing, it's Christmas Day and I'm trying to get this site up to speed. While I'm at it, I hope to get you up to speed.

Getting in sync means changing on the fly, with Scion of Scorpio (S.O.S.): on point in 2018 via twitter.com.

"If we wish to know whether anyone is superior or not, we need only observe what part of his being he regards as =especially important. The body has superior and inferior, important and unimportant parts. We must not injure the superior parts for the sake of the inferior. He who cultivates the inferior parts of his nature is an inferior man. He who cultivates the superior parts of his nature is a superior man." - Mencius

This is the beginning of a new scenario. The issue: Bold-faced liars and shameless cheats are in great abundance. They need to be identified and monitored. To do that, you've got to follow the people who follow the money. It's that simple. However, the paper to watch is Operation Hyacinth / #OpHyacinth at paper.li. With luck, new changes and adjustments kick in as of the next episode due out on Boxing Day. I'm crossing my fingers.

Here's what's buzzing via Karmic Radio on Mixcloud.com.

Operation Hyacinth, Operation Fukushima and will remain as part of a line up that includes TheSwarm.us & The Hive in addition to S.O.S.

Currently featured via Karmic Radio on Soundcloud.com

"Must be Deja Vu." - #Anonymous