Queen Kali: The Destroyer of Fear

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Seventh Day

Welcome to the New Year. You've got one day to recover from the hangover you incurred while watching the GOP tax bill become law, and just mere hours before you're inundated with a fresh batch of lies and nonsense from the village idiots in mainstream media.

Voters across the political spectrum have vastly different ideas about how the United States should be governed, but there's one inescapable fact that the skinflints, cheapskates and misers in the GOP leadership must reckon with in 2018: The GOP tax scam is viewed a "tax heist" and a ripoff of epic proportions.

Watch the most guilt-ridden GOP leaders voice their regrets at voting for a tax bill that intentionally hurts middle class GOP constituents and their families.

There isn't enough propaganda in the world to stop the avalanche of bad press that is part of the fallout from the GOP leadership's unfortunate decision to aggrandize themselves at the expense of their constituents.

GOP leaders have created more victims than they can control.

One thing is for certain: GOP constituents are wide-awake and joining with other parents around the country for the sake of their kids.