Queen Kali: The Destroyer of Fear

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

At Ground Zero

"Times of deliverance demand inner resolve. Inferior people cannot be driven off by prohibitions or any external means. If one desires to be rid of them, he must break completely with them in his own mind; they will see for themselves that he is in earnest and will withdraw." - The I Ching: Hsieh / Deliverance (40).
Help find the predators who won't leave our kids be. Let's catch 'em, lock 'em up and throw away the keys.
This is the new avatar for G-Pa (@S.K.A.N.D.A) on Twitter, courtesy of Pixabay.com.
Wednesday Wisdom: Fix what's broken, improve what's good and create something new. First, there's 'the usual suspects (#FollowMonday).' Twitter users listed in #FollowMonday groupings aren't necessarily followers, but they are trusted sources of information. This is an election year and the run up to the midterm elections is intense. The village idiots of mainstream media, and the propaganda peddlers who pay them to lie to us night after night, have told one lie too many and are rendering themselves irrelevant. Savvy voters are rejecting the stench of fake news in favor of sources known to keep it clean and are eager to challenge the village idiots and propaganda peddlers at every opportunity. In order to keep up with the flow of information, the method of information gathering called 'the sweep' begins, effective immediately. "The Sweep" mines the news feeds of every website within the DDMP, beginning with The Hive at paper.li. The quickest way to access The Hive from this page is through "the Queen's Portal." Just one click and you're there.

Once at The Hive you'll find a line of four icons next to 'the Veil of the Soul.' That is where the first sweep begins, starting with the icon of flames at the far right which connects this page. After that is the 'icon of the living mirror reserved for Karmic Radio on MixCloud.com: home to some of the best Internet DJ's on planet Earth.

Next is the 'icon of the Blue Moon Portal' which connects to the original Karmic Radio at Soundcloud.com, where some of the world's the best independent producers of electronic news media can be found.

Last, but not least, is the Twitter icon that's linked directly to @ScionOfScorpio at Twitter.com.
More updates and details are coming in future blog posts.
Happy Valentine's Day.