Queen Kali: The Destroyer of Fear

Friday, March 30, 2018

Confessions of the Founder

"At times one has to deal with hidden enemies, intangible influences that slink into dark corners and from this hiding place affect people by suggestion. In instances like this, it is necessary to trace these things back to the most secret recesses, in order to determine the nature of the influences to be dealt with. This is the task of the priests; removing the influences is the task of the magicians. The very anonymity of such plotting requires an especially vigorous and indefatigable effort, but this is well worth while. For when such elusive influences are brought into the light and branded, they lose their power over people." - The I Ching: Sun / The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind) (57).

From the day I was born until the age of thirteen I was raised as a Negro child in the Roman Catholic Church in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1971 my mother, Linda Mae Wiggins, married Jesse Ray Johnson Jr. a soldier in the U.S. Army. We promptly moved down to the Fort Bragg area in North Carolina. After a brief stay in Fayetteville, My family and I moved to Spring Lake in 1972. It was on Thanksgiving Day of that year both Mama and my stepfather Jesse announced, to me and my brother Tony, they were both leaving the faith.

The food was ready and it was time to say grace. Mama, Jesse, my brother Tony and I sat ready to bow our heads. Mama asked Jesse, "Who's going to say grace?" It was an odd question because Jesse always said grace, but he looked up at Mama and said, "After Cambodia (where he was stationed in 1968 during his last tour of duty with the US Army in Southeast Asia), I no longer believe in God." Tony and I sort of blinked at each other, then looked over at Mama. As she looked back across the dining room table at Jesse she said, "Well I don't know why God lets bad things happen to good people." Long story short: Jesse became an atheist, my mother became an agnostic and I ended up saying grace that day.

That is just the beginning of the laundry list of issues that comprise the "beef" that I have with Satan. Since the age of thirteen I have hated him. In my late twenties I became a lay-priest in the now-defunct Nichiren Shoshu of America (Mahayana Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra). During that time I also found and studied Hatha Yoga with the writings of B.K.S. Iyengar as a guide. All the while, I couldn't shake my deep, abiding hatred "for all things Satan."

When I became a devotee of Queen Kali, 'the Destroyer of Fear,' in 2011; I found out that, for the most part, Hindus and Roman Catholics get along. So nowadays, and from time to time, I find ways show my support for things that Pope Francis is doing to forestall the proliferation of evil in the Church and across the world. However, my acts are not done out of hatred of Satan. My acts are performed with love and devotion for Queen Kali to whom I pray, and in the spirit of friendship and love for my Christian friends and family. That's why I don't use 'cusswords.'