Queen Kali: The Destroyer of Fear

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Point of Impact

"The hunter catches three cunning foxes and receives a yellow arrow as a reward. The obstacles in public life are the designed foxes who try to influence the ruler through flattery. They must be removed before there can be any deliverance. But the struggle must not be carried on with the wrong weapons. The yellow color points to measure and mean in proceeding against the enemy, the arrow signifies the straight course. If one devotes himself wholeheartedly to the task of deliverance, he develops so much inner strength from his rectitude that it acts as a weapon against all that is false and low." - The I Ching: Hsieh / Deliverance (40).

Operation Deja Vu / #OpDejaVu on Scoop.it

The following posts contain the report on a cyberattack that took place in March 2015. I was conducting tests on hyperlinks between Facebook, Google and Tumblr when my sites were defaced. It also contains a detailed report on the damage done to recording equipment, servers and other equipment that morning by persons unknown.
It was during this time that I began filing Title III complaints with the The United States Department of Justice via ADA.gov. This incident led to the transition from TheDestroyers.info to OccupyHades.Blogspot.com, which is currently under construction.

As stated in the report: "A thorough examination of the equipment revealed the extent of the sabotage. For instance, foreign objects were found jammed into the cd drives of a number of computers and the wires to some of the equipment, such as the mics and mic headsets were cut. The scanner is also out of commission.” The analog/digital hybrid recording and broadcast suite dubbed the Seat of Consciousness was literally dismantled.

What started out like this...
...ended up like this.
As Sylvester Stallone said in the movie "Rambo,"nothing is over!"

To be continued.