Sunday, October 6, 2019

Occupy Hades: The Cessation of Hostilities

When my parents left the Catholic Church in 1972, they didn’t totally cut ties with Jesus.

Mama said she didn’t understand why God let bad things happen to good people, but she never said that she didn’t believe in Him.

My mother was a sort of living oracle. She said things and made predictions about people she didn’t know and had never met, but many of her predictions came true. It wasn’t so much about any specific event as it was about speed and accuracy. If Mama said someone was about to get themselves in trouble, it didn’t take long for something bad to happen to that person and it didn’t take long for the bad news to get back to us once something bad occurred.

"The human understanding is governed by God through the mediation of an Angel. And those bodily actions, either exterior or interior, which are natural to man, are regulated by God through the mediation of the Angels and the celestial bodies. For blessed Dionysius...says that the celestial bodies are the causes of that which happens in this world; though he makes no implication of fatality." - The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger (Part 1, Question 5).

Instead of sending me to Sunday school, Mama ensured that I got my education in other ways. First through books about astrology. I learned to create simple charts astrological charts, after I learned to read them. Mama got books on various methods of divination. In addition to numerology and palmistry, tarot cards were also introduced.

"Nevertheless one point must not be omitted, for the sake of those who perhaps have not great quantity of books. It is there noted that three things are to be considered in man, which are directed by three celestial causes, namely, the act of the will, the act of the intellect, and the act of the body. The first of these is governed directly and soley by God, the second by an Angel, and the third by a celestial body." - The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger (Part 1, Question 5).

When information about Kirlian photography surfaced in the 1970’s, our conversations about the nature of life force began. Kirlian photography was famous for its ability to take pictures of a person’s life force emissions, or aura.

Kirlian photography gave rise to an idea called ‘the living aura theory.’ All living things are endowed with life force, and each living thing has its own aura, which means that each human being is endowed with life force regardless of the name of the deity to whom one prays.

Energy treatments and chakra work became popular because of Kirlian photography. One pursuit among avid enthusiasts, was the transmission of one’s life force into inanimate objects. Eventually tarot cards and other items of divination were also included in similar experiments to great effect.

"And since man is governed as to his body by the celestial bodies, as to his intellect by the Angels, and as to his will by God, it may happen that if he rejects God’s inspiration towards goodness, and the guidance of his bodily affections to those things toward which the influence of the stars inclines him, that so his will and understanding become entangled in malice and error." - The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger (Part 1, Question 5).

Now fast forward to this picture. There are messages buried deep within. The cessation of hostilities puts an end to all old controversies. Controversies that originated elsewhere and were instigated by people I didn't know and had never met. Controversies that formed the basis for lawsuits filed and legal actions taken in the past. The wisdom gained from triumph over trials and tribulations will best those who seek it but don't know where to find it.

Photo by Al Wiggins Jr.
At the very moment picture was taken, that this portal was opened, the moon is at its fullest and it's light is at its highest intensity. However, there is another sphere in the picture. It's blue and translucent. Its tail and aura indicates that it's moving in an upward direction, away from Earth. While the full moon indicates the end of a cycle, the sphere heralds the onset of a new one. It's time for something new.

To be continued...